REESE Towpower bonded 4-way Trailer Wiring


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REESE Towpower bonded 4-way trailer wiring is ideal for wiring or re-wiring utility style trailers. It features 18 gauge bonded wire. The 25 Ft. of 4-flat wire is bonded to further ease installation and reduce the wire becoming knotted during installation. Ideal for wiring or rewiring a trailer and offering a clean professional looking job in the process. The color coded wires assist in determining which wire is which for faster wiring and the wires being bonded reduces tangles when wiring for a nice clean finish.
Heavy 16 gauge wire
Wires are color coded for easy identification of function
Wires bonded together for a clean finish
Length is 25 Ft.
Common 4-Flat connector handles most lighting requirements
Stranded copper wire construction
Ideal for rewiring lighting circuits on trailers
Ideal for rewiring lighting circuits on trailers

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