EcoSMART 240V 13.6kW Electric Tankless Water Heater


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Configured for climates where incoming water temperatures are in the 60 deg. to 70 deg. F. range. Rated for 11 kW at 220 V; rated for 13.8 kW at 240 V. Self-modulating flow-sensor technology regulates the amount of energy required to heat the water needed. Digital temperature display showing the outlet water temperature setting. Uses 2 standard Emerson Electric heating elements with brass tops to prevent electrolysis. Stainless steel heat exchanger. Automatic resettable thermostat. 60 DP breaker required. 54A draw. Required wire: 6 AWG. Pipe fitting: 1/2' CF. Activation flow: .25 gallon. Energy factor: 0.998. UL and CSA certified. Dimensions: 12' x 9.5' x 4'. Weight: 6lbs. Limited lifetime warranty.

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