American Granby JWS6X11/4X1 6 x 1-1/4 x 1 in. Cast Iron Two Hole Drop Pipe Solid Top

American Granby

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Cast Iron Well Seal for Submersible & Jet Pumps Features:   

•  Highest quality smooth grey-iron castings accurately machined to narrowest tolerances. 

•  Finest heavy duty 3/4” molded rubber packing gland assures seal regardless of minor imperfections in well casing.   

•  Corrosion resistant, zinc plated steel bolts, rugged construction provides for maximum torque.   

•  Long lasting painted finish.   

•  Complete with electrical conduit kit and plug for SWS and plastic plugs for JWS series.   

•  Individually cartoned.   

•  Imported.

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