Comfort-Aire BHD-22A Dehumidifier, 2.2 A, 115 V, 250 W, 2-Speed, 22 pint/day Humidity Removal


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Automatic Water Level Shut-Off - When the drain bucket is full, the unit automatically shuts off, then displays a “Full” light
Drain Options - Condensed water can be collected in the removable bucket, or continously drained through the direct drain with included adapter kit. Units with built-in self-priming pumps can remove condensate through the pump drain with hose provided

Pump flow rate = 0.02-0.03
Pump gpm lift-head = 16.4 ft. (5m)
Pump drain hose = 16.4 ft. (5m)

Easy to Use Controls - All controls are located on the top of the unit; actual room humidity/relative humidity set point is displayed
Auto Restart - All models automatically resume operation after a power outage, ideal for second homes or offices, as well as primary residences
Slide-Out Filter - Filter is easily removed from unit so it can be cleaned and reused; check filter light is a reminder to clean the filter

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